Sunday, July 11, 2010

Moses: The First Waterbender

The first and best waterbender of all time. M. Night Shyamalan stay away!


Anubiss said...

I don't think he was a water-bender I think he was the actual avatar! I mean do you think a normal water-bender could split a sea in two? No! He must have been in the avatar state plus remember how he split a stone to create a waterspout? Clearly water and earth bending at the same time. And the fire wall that blocked the Egyptians? Fire-bending! And the thick mist that blocked the Egyptian vision at night? Water and air-bending ... wow that make lots more sense then this bronze age fairy tells. Thats it I'm quieting being an atheist and start being an avatar worshipper. Hail you spirit of the earth and you numerous incarnations! Hi Moses, Hi Aang, Hi Korra, Hi Roku etc.

Unknown said...

Hey das chupa,

just to let you know that I've used your above (and excellent) moses gfx on my blog:

Thanks for the "waterbender" topic, it was an excellent intro for my post.

-- Arno